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Storm Desmond – Scotland’s first red flood risk

Over the weekend of 5 – 6 December 2015 Storm Desmond – the fourth UK named storm of the winter season – brought damaging winds and heavy rain across Scotland, which experienced its most severe flood event since the advent … Continue reading

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The July Perthshire floods: hydrometeorological predictions

A major clean-up operation is underway following flooding that affected some Perthshire communities on the 17th July 2015. Villages such as Bankfoot were affected and surface water flooding was seen across much of the road network; however the flooding impacts were most … Continue reading

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Surface Water Flooding in Aberdeen

As noted in previous articles surface water flooding can be challenging to forecast. On Tuesday 7th July a period of intense rainfall over Aberdeen and the surrounding area led to significant surface water flooding. The forecasting service was able to … Continue reading

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Hydrology of Scotland: some hydrometric perspectives

Dr. Andrew Black contributes the final piece of our two-part feature on the climatology and hydrology of Scotland. It’s rare to be invited to offer some personal perspectives on matters hydrological, but gives a useful chance to reflect.  It’s almost 20 … Continue reading

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Grid-to-Grid performance during a hydrologically significant event in the North West

Following the West Highland heavy rainfall event of last October the forecasting service recently had to again respond to a forecast of potentially extreme rainfall in a similar area over the past few days. The rainfall event was well forecast with … Continue reading

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#FRMis10: Future flood risk management strategies

When the inaugural SNIFFER Flood Risk Management conference was convened in 2005 many of the current approaches to flood risk management were very much in their infancy – if at all conceived. 10 years on and the ‘FRMis10’ conference agenda– … Continue reading

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Radar coverage and suitability for flood forecasting in Scotland

Radar is a powerful tool for observing rainfall over large areas in real time. It is also used to produce nowcasts (short range forecasts for the next 6 hours) which are used to provide flood warnings for rapidly responding catchments such … Continue reading

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Extreme(?) rainfall in the West Highlands – a flood forecasting challenge

Over the past few days the forecasting service has faced an interesting challenge. Large amounts of rain were forecast to fall in north west Scotland, caused by warm moist air being driven by gale force winds over the high ground … Continue reading

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Surface water flood forecasting during the Commonwealth Games

We are pleased to report that the Glasgow surface water flood forecasting model ran successfully during the Commonwealth Games and throughout the summer. Luckily the weather during the Games was largely fine however there were occasions when the additional surface … Continue reading

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Hydrometeorological forecasting and ex-tropical storm Bertha

On Monday 11th August, the remnants of the ex-tropical storm Bertha brought heavy and very intense rain for many parts of northern Scotland. Early indications are that over 100 mm of rain was recorded over a 12 to 16 hour … Continue reading

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