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#FRMis10: Future flood risk management strategies

When the inaugural SNIFFER Flood Risk Management conference was convened in 2005 many of the current approaches to flood risk management were very much in their infancy – if at all conceived. 10 years on and the ‘FRMis10’ conference agenda– … Continue reading

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The December ‘weather bomb’ – over-warned or better prepared?

Recently the flood forecasting service had to contend with the potential impacts of the so called weather bomb. Explosive cyclogenesis – a weather phenomenon which results in rapidly deepening low pressure – occured to the south of Greenland and gave rise … Continue reading

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Forecasting from Sea to Shore (Part 1): Learning from the past

In a winter that witnessed a succession of storms that have affected many parts of the UK, calls are being made to understand what lessons should be learnt in order to be better prepared for future storms.  Given the longevity … Continue reading

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Coastal flood forecasting in Scotland: what’s new?

Coastal flood forecasting has not featured much as a discussion topic on this site, which doesn’t truly reflect the growing work in this area.  Coastal flooding in Scotland represents 17% of the total flood risk in the country and flood warning … Continue reading

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