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Surface water flood alerting for the Commonwealth Games

Following the previous posts on flash flood forecasting, the next step is to investigate how recent advances in the science of forecasting heavy rain shower events could be translated into a surface water alerting tool for responders. Surface water (or pluvial) flooding occurs … Continue reading


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Conference Season

At the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service we are continually developing our tools and knowledge as we strive to be at the forefront of flood forecasting science. You can hear more about our development work at a number of conferences and … Continue reading

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Quick as a ‘flash’ (Part 2)

Following the earlier article on the challenges of surface water alerting, Peter Buchanan discusses emerging science developments being used by the flood forecasting service in Scotland. “How does the Heavy Rainfall Alert tool work? In essence, it searches for instances … Continue reading

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Identifying Flood Hazards in Real Time

SFFS currently have the capability to forecast flows “everywhere” in Scotland, at a 1km grid scale up to five days ahead, using the Grid to Grid model. This includes calculation of snow fall and melt, and the production of probabilistic … Continue reading

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Quick as a ‘flash’ (Part 1)

Peter Buchanan, the Met Office flood forecasting service coordinator, describes one of the key priority areas for forecasting science development. “One of the greatest challenges facing the flood forecasting community for the foreseeable future is surface water or pluvial flooding … Continue reading

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