Conference Season


At the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service we are continually developing our tools and knowledge as we strive to be at the forefront of flood forecasting science. You can hear more about our development work at a number of conferences and events this autumn:

  • International Conference on Flood Resilience in Exeter. Come and see our poster on “The use of radar, nowcast and numerical weather prediction in rainfall runoff modelling in Scotland” and speak to us about how being forewarned is forearmed and helps improve flood resilience in Scotland.
  • European Meteorology Society Annual Conference on Applications of Meteorology  in Reading which this year is focussing on High Impact Weather. We will be presenting in the “From NWP and Nowcasts to Forecasts and Warning” session on how we can make the best use of the increasing amounts of deterministic and probabilistic data available to get from a meteorological forecast to the Flood Guidance Statement and flood warnings for Scotland. A lot to cover in 15 minutes!
  • ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference in Edinburgh where you can hear about our two new coastal flood warning schemes; the Firth of Forth and Tay model including an early test of the scheme in the December 2012 storm, and an innovative low cost approach to coastal flood forecasting in Loch Linnhe.
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