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Snow melt and hydrometric observations – perspectives for flood forecasting

In the second of a series of articles on how the mountains of Scotland influence our approach to monitoring and flood forecasting, Dr. Andrew Black writes about the role of hydrometric observations. “Continually rising global temperatures over the coming century … Continue reading

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Hydrology of Scotland: some hydrometric perspectives

Dr. Andrew Black contributes the final piece of our two-part feature on the climatology and hydrology of Scotland. It’s rare to be invited to offer some personal perspectives on matters hydrological, but gives a useful chance to reflect.  It’s almost 20 … Continue reading

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BHS 2014 Challenging hydrological theory and practice and calling for better communicators

  This week saw hydrologists from across the UK, and some overseas visitors, congregate in Birmingham for the 2014 British Hydrological Society Symposium. The Scottish Flood Forecasting Service was there presenting our recent experience of setting up and using the … Continue reading

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Tracking medium range flow forecasts from day to day

One of the challenges we face in the forecasting service when looking at flow outputs modelled from high resolution rainfall forecasts is knowing when to act – Just because we see a realistic looking peak on a forecast at day … Continue reading

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Identifying Flood Hazards in Real Time

SFFS currently have the capability to forecast flows “everywhere” in Scotland, at a 1km grid scale up to five days ahead, using the Grid to Grid model. This includes calculation of snow fall and melt, and the production of probabilistic … Continue reading

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