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Flood forecasting: current challenges and future aspirations

How can flood forecasting best rise to the challenges and opportunities that communities and partners face; at what point does effort in flood forecasting become less effective than local adaptation; and what are the aspirations and capability of our future … Continue reading

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Heavy Rainfall Alerts – latest advances

In order to provide probabilistic forecasts of flooding from surface water the forecasting service has been using a Heavy Rainfall Alert (HRA) tool since 2013, as discussed in a previous article. The tool consists of a spreadsheet that is updated … Continue reading

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The July Perthshire floods: hydrometeorological predictions

A major clean-up operation is underway following flooding that affected some Perthshire communities on the 17th July 2015. Villages such as Bankfoot were affected and surface water flooding was seen across much of the road network; however the flooding impacts were most … Continue reading

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Grid-to-Grid performance during a hydrologically significant event in the North West

Following the West Highland heavy rainfall event of last October the forecasting service recently had to again respond to a forecast of potentially extreme rainfall in a similar area over the past few days. The rainfall event was well forecast with … Continue reading

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#FRMis10: Future flood risk management strategies

When the inaugural SNIFFER Flood Risk Management conference was convened in 2005 many of the current approaches to flood risk management were very much in their infancy – if at all conceived. 10 years on and the ‘FRMis10’ conference agenda– … Continue reading

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The December ‘weather bomb’ – over-warned or better prepared?

Recently the flood forecasting service had to contend with the potential impacts of the so called weather bomb. Explosive cyclogenesis – a weather phenomenon which results in rapidly deepening low pressure – occured to the south of Greenland and gave rise … Continue reading

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Extreme(?) rainfall in the West Highlands – a flood forecasting challenge

Over the past few days the forecasting service has faced an interesting challenge. Large amounts of rain were forecast to fall in north west Scotland, caused by warm moist air being driven by gale force winds over the high ground … Continue reading

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