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Radar coverage and suitability for flood forecasting in Scotland

Radar is a powerful tool for observing rainfall over large areas in real time. It is also used to produce nowcasts (short range forecasts for the next 6 hours) which are used to provide flood warnings for rapidly responding catchments such … Continue reading

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Extreme(?) rainfall in the West Highlands – a flood forecasting challenge

Over the past few days the forecasting service has faced an interesting challenge. Large amounts of rain were forecast to fall in north west Scotland, caused by warm moist air being driven by gale force winds over the high ground … Continue reading

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Behind the flood guidance: a meteorologist’s perspective

Peter Sloss, one of the Met Office forecasters involved in the flood forecasting service, provides in inside view of the developing hydrometeorological service capabilities. “Weather forecasting and more specifically rainfall forecasting was so much simpler way back then, even going … Continue reading

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Coupling meteorological and hydrological forecasting models: the Canadian case

In June 2013 the city of Calgary and state of Alberta witnessed devastating flooding with four fatalities and over 100,000 people evacuated from their homes. It’s difficult to comprehend flooding on this scale in Scotland but comparing this to the … Continue reading

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Meteorological forecast data: define what’s best!

Following earlier posts on the Heavy Rainfall Alert tool, Peter Buchanan our Met Office forecasting service co-ordinator explains ‘what is best data!’ “The Met Office has had an operational numerical modelling capability for many years now. It runs a plethora … Continue reading

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Surface water flood alerting: project update

In May we started a project to develop a pilot surface water alerting tool to use during the Commonwealth Games and to help inform our future plans for surface water flood forecasting in the SFFS. The first review stage of … Continue reading

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High Impact Weather: the role of the forecaster and verification

Day 2 and our final contribution to this science session. The role of the forecaster dominated the morning session on applications of meteorology in warning of severe weather and other natural hazards. Automation of warnings was presented (Reichert) allowing for greater … Continue reading

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