Scottish Flood Forecasting Service Annual Report

This week the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service (SFFS) publishes its report for 2017-2018.

We wanted all our daily Flood Guidance Statement customers, SFFS partners and supporters to know more about our operational activity and key learnings from April 2017 – September 2018, completed and planned improvements to our products and services and our future aspirations for improved flood forecasting in Scotland.

You can access the report on SEPA’s website here.

The report contains a summary of the period, with three events highlighted for further discussion. We also report on:

  • Customer feedback, which has led to improvements in our risk matrix graphics and descriptions of impacts;
  • Our Science Development Plan, which supports increased forecast lead times and th upgrade of surface water forecasting capabilities;
  • Plans for a public facing flood forecast product, to improve awareness of flood risk in Scotland.

This is intended to be the first in a series of annual reports into the activities of the service.

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