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Staying alert in rain or shine

Last summer our Met Office coordinator Pete Buchanan produced a couple of articles about surface water flooding. In the second article he explained how our Heavy Rainfall Alert (HRA) Tool works. Here he gives us an update on further development of … Continue reading

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Surface water flood alerting: project update

In May we started a project to develop a pilot surface water alerting tool to use during the Commonwealth Games and to help inform our future plans for surface water flood forecasting in the SFFS. The first review stage of … Continue reading

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Recent flood impacts and forecasts: how well did we do?

You don’t have to look very far over the past few weeks to find people complaining about being caught out by heavy rainfall and flash flooding that wasn’t forecast, however the forecast from the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service and the … Continue reading

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Surface water flood alerting for the Commonwealth Games

Following the previous posts on flash flood forecasting, the next step is to investigate how recent advances in the science of forecasting heavy rain shower events could be translated into a surface water alerting tool for responders. Surface water (or pluvial) flooding occurs … Continue reading

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